Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hanging Out in Nashville

Friday Shawn and I both took the day off work to have an extended holiday weekend.  We planned a day trip to Nashville, Tennessee to eat at the Rodizio Grill, walk around the Opryland Hotel, maybe walk around downtown Nashville some, and then walk across the pedestrian bridge.

Our morning started off with breakfast at Dee's Diner in Owensboro.  It was good, but nothing spectacular.  I'd definitely go back if friends wanted to go, but probably not something I would crave. Shawn and I both had omelets and hash browns, I had a biscuit and gravy, and then Shawn got a peanut butter pancake.

Our first stop in Nashville was the Opryland Hotel.  I forgot how big that place is.  I feel like we walked around forever, yet I know we missed some areas of it.  

After we left the hotel, we headed downtown to have an early dinner at the Rodizio Grill.  The Rodizio is a Brazilian restaurant and they have such amazing food, and a really neat dining experience.

The other Brazilian restaurants we have been to have a little card on the table - one side is read and the other side is green.  In this particular restaurant, they have this wooden block.  It's given to you on red while you eat your salad and when you are ready to have your meat, you turn the block to green and the gauchos come around with all kinds of rotisserie meats on skewers and carves your serving at your table.  When you want them to stop coming by, you turn the block to red. Ready for some more then turn the block back to green and the gauchos starting coming to your table again.  And when you are tapped out, or finished, just lay the block on it's side and your server knows you are done!  

Your meal starts off with cheese bread, polenta, and friend plantains.  Then you head to the salad bar and fill your plate with all of the delicious salads they offer.  My fave was the cucumber salad and the BLT salad.  

This particular restaurant also has a hot bar with mashed potatoes, beans and rice, and some other hots foods from their Americano BBQ fest they were having through Labor Day.

We filled out plates up with our hot foods, headed back to the table and turned the block to green!

Everything we had was delicious, but my absolute favorite was the pineapple!  Yummy!!!

This is the menu of everything you get and a description of all the different types of meats.

And when you are completely stuffed and want to take a nap in your seat, you tap out and lay the block on its side.  HAHA!

After we ate, we walked around downtown for a few minutes, and then drove around some.

Another thing I had planned for us to do while in Nashville was to walk across their pedestrian bridge, however on this particular day it was closed for a private event.  Boo!!  Note to self - check the bridge schedule when planning your next trip to Nashville!

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