Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The New "Boy Camo" Bed

I've known that Gavin has been in need of a big boy bed at my house for quite some time.  However it wasn't until I took this picture of him a couple weeks ago, scratch that, it was a couple months ago, well scratch that too, it was actually last year (I'm so behind on my blogging!) that I realized we needed to put it into action.

So one Saturday when Shawn and I were out and about we stopped by Mark's Mattress and bought him a new twin bed.  Have I mentioned that I love the Acadia?  HAHA!!

I had bought him an actual bed frame at a garage sale last year with the intentions of painting it green, however that has failed terribly.  I have the paint, the brush and the sandpaper, however they are all still unopened in the room downstairs, and his new bed is all put together upstairs.  I wonder what Walmart's return policy is on paint :/

I bought his "boy camo" bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I had been on the lookout for some boy bedding, but could never find anything I liked.  I happened upon this Orla Keily bedding and liked it, but definitely didn't want to pay $100 for it, especially since it was just the comforter and the sham.  I kept looking but just couldn't find what I liked.  I ventured back over to Bed Bath and Beyond and saw that it was on clearance for $79, and then realized that it's actually girl bedding, but still wasn't sure about it.  Then around Christmas time had gotten a gift card for the store and decided I would use it and just buy the bedding.  Was I ever happy to discover that it was clearanced again, so with my coupon and gift card, I only paid $15 for it!  I also lucked out and got some semi-matching sheets at Penny's for $15.

Since it is girl bedding, but has boy colors, we've dubbed it "boy camo" bedding! Leaves are green, green is camo, boys like camo!

Oh my is this bed ever comfortable.  The mattress is soft, the sheets are snuggly, and the comfortable is the thickest comforter I have ever seen.  He is definitely snug as a bug in a rug in this bed!!

And when Gavin isn't sleeping in it, Miss Molly definitely is!

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