Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Golf Cartin Around New Harmony : Gavin Style

A couple weeks ago when Gavin spent the weekend with us, we had an Aunt Stace/Gavin date!  We drove to New Harmony to ride golf carts around and Gavin got his first experience driving a cart.  The town was busy with people driving their carts around and visiting.  We we blessed that we were able to get the last cart they had that afternoon.  Shew!   

I only let him drive once we got to the trails along the river.  Good thing too cause he's a "crazy driver"!  Actually he did pretty good as long as we crept along at a snail's pace!  HAHA! 

Looks like he wasn't the only crazy driver!  Notice the white van below?  I have no idea how they got their car on this path or off of this path as it's for golf carts only and the entrance's have poles in the middle so that vehicles can't get on them!  

It was funny cause I noticed another cart coming up behind us so I had Gavin pull to the side of the road so they could go around us.  Then I hear him say, yeah there is a car behind us too.  I'm like WHAT?  Sure enough there was!

I had noticed earlier on some trees by the swan pond that there was a bunch of locust shells, but it wasn't until we got to the little park that I saw that the trees in the park were covered in locust/cicadas and their shells.  We visited the park for a little bit and then jetted out of there!

After our two hours was up, we returned the cart to the visitor's center, wrote on their board and told them what we liked best about New Harmony and then headed to lunch!

We ate lunch at Bliss/Woody's.  I had the chipolte chicken wrap and got Gavin a pepperoni pizza.  Their pizza's are yummy, however I always end up getting their wraps.  We also had some yummy homemade ice cream.  We both got the strawberry - his in a cup, mine in a cone.  He ate his ice cream and mine!?!?

Below is just a few pictures I snapped along the way.

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