Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Illusionist Tour and Visiting Friends

Back at the end of last year Shawn bought us tickets to go to the Illusionist's Tour that was coming to the Old National Bank Centre in Indianapolis.  The Illusionist Tour is a group of illusionists that were on America's Got Talent but didn't make it through to the end and they formed their own show. Shawn really likes watching this stuff and I find it interesting too, however there was a couple acts that completely grossed me out!! 

They didn't allow photography inside the theatre while the show was going on, so I didn't get any pictures like I had wanted too.  I did get a picture of the stage from our seats and then a couple pictures of us during intermission and before the show.

After the show we drove over to Terre Haute to visit our friends Wendie and Pedro who recently moved to Terre Haute from Nashville, Tennessee and see their super cute new house and to have dinner.  The restaurant we had dinner at has seemed to skip my mind, but it was a mom and pop place and definitely delicious and must to revisit the next time we are in the area.

It was my first time traveling north and to Indy and Terre Haute, however it was such a whirlwind trip and there was so much travel time that there wasn't any time for photography stops :(

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