Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Beautiful Saturday Drive

The weather on Saturday was exceptional and I was itching to get out and use my new camera lens!  Shawn and I headed north to Pike County and drove around the Patoka River Wildlife Management Area.  While the drive didn't go exactly as I had planned, we had a great time and had great weather.  I definitely have this place on my list of places to go in the spring when all of the wildflowers are in bloom, and then again in the fall when all of the leaves are changing.

We also spent the morning at breakfast at the Rose Hill Cafe and then buying Gavin a new bed for his room at our house.

The Rose Hill Cafe is a mom and pop family restaurant that's practically been in our backyard for the last five year and we didn't know it.  Shawn went there once a couple months ago with a friend and said it was really good.  I've been wanting to go, but we hadn't had the opportunity until Saturday morning.  It was definitely delicious and we'll definitely be going back.  I had scramble eggs, sausage, German fries, and a piece of caramel apple french toast (oh so yummy!!), and Shawn had a made-to-order breakfast scramble and a chocolate chip pancake.

After breakfast, we ran over to Mark's Mattress Outlet and got Gavin's new bed.  That situation deserves it's own blog entry, so check back soon for that!

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