Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meet White Diamond!

Meet White Diamond!

She's mine.  I love her.  And they only get bigger from here!

I've been wanting a new car FOREVER!  My car has been paid off for almost two years tho - I didn't want to start car payments again!  My car is horrible in the snow and ice.  I knew I wanted to get something different before winter hit at least.   I've been in love with the new model KIA Optima for the last few years.  My mouth would salivate every time I saw one.  I thought surely that would be my next car.  THEN... we went on vacation and our rental was a GMC Acadia.  There was so much room in that thing!  I was hooked!  

We had been back from vacation for only a short period of time when I told Shawn that I thought I was ready to trade my car in, but I wanted an SUV.  And more specifically, an Acadia.  I searched online some, drove through a couple car lots.  My friends son bought a new car in Mt. Vernon, Heather sent me a link to a white Acadia they had there.  Oh it was nice!  I wanted to go test drive it.  Shawn was working in Mt. Vernon so I asked him to stop by and look at it.  He did, only it was actually at a car lot here in town.  So I went to look at it.  And I test drove it.  And I loved it.  The inside was exactly like the rental.  And I called Shawn to come look at it, but he was working and said he would the next day.  OK, I'll be patient.  But what if someone else buys it.  I'll take it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be then.

I was actually off work the next day for Gavin's field trip.  The field trip got cancelled.  YES!  It was a sign from above that we were to go look at that car again!  I was ready to go bright and early to see it with Shawn.  He was a super slowpoke that day.  I was patient with him though.  But what if someone else buys it before we can get there.  I kept telling myself if it's gone, then it wasn't meant to be.  We pulled in to the dealership...YES, the car was still there.  Shawn test drove it.  He liked it.  I inspected it thoroughly making sure all lights worked, turn signals worked, radio worked, windows worked, etc. etc. etc.

Then we bought it, and I drove her off into the sunset.  But then we encountered a few bumps along the drive off into the sunset.  Some pricey bumps actually.  We bought a used car with no warranty, we knew that going into it.  But Sweet Jesus was pouring his blessings down on us because we contacted the dealer we bought it from and they paid for those pricey bumps, and gave us rental vehicles while the bumps were being fixed.

Now she's good as new and I am in love with driving her!  

I've even had her out in the snow once this winter; well it was still technically fall.  But she did great!

And I love how much room she has for hauling family and friends!

She's even got third row seating...which Gavin informed me he's not a fan of.  She's just so roomy, even I climbed up in her into the third row area and buckled Gavin in.  Have I mentioned how roomy she is?

And for hauling my photography props!  There is an entire chair back there, sitting upright, with head room still.  Have I mentioned that I love her??

I'm so glad to be a member of the GMC Acadia family!  Like I told Shawn, I'm never going back to a car, and the vehicles can only get bigger from here!  HAHA!  He told me not to get carried away!

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