Monday, April 28, 2014

Visiting the Big Kitties Again : RAWR!

When Shawn and I first visited the Exotic Feline Rescue Center last year, I knew for sure I wanted to go back.  And knowing that my sister likes tigers, I knew her and Gavin were the perfect road trip companions.  
We had a great time visiting the big kitties!

In April 2013, the EFRC rescued four tigers from a closed roadside zoo in northern Wisconsin.  One of the tigers named Chloe was pregnant.  On June 22, 2013, Chloe gave birth to 5 female cubs who now call the EFRC their forever home.  Enjoy watching Bailey, Claire, Kizmin, Munka and Kilala grow-up!  (This was taken from the EFRC website.)  You can view their website and watch these pretty girls on the Cub Cam!

While we were on our tour, we had to leave the area we were in because the keepers were bringing in a tiger that had been over at the vet.  Of course I was curious and tried to get pictures, but it was hard trying to get my camera to zoom through all the fences and the woods

And this big boy was excited because it was feeding time!!  Even though it was nasty to see the food, it was definitely interesting to see how the feeding process works!

Our tour guide was Melanie and she was definitely friendly and knowledgeable of the EFRC!

There is a geocache on/near that guardrail, but I couldn't find it.  I even climbed over the guardrail down into the woods and tried to get one of the keepers to give me some help when he drove down the road, but still couldn't find it!

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