Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Louisville Mega Caverns

Friday when we were on our way home from the Louisville area, Shawn wanted us to go to the Louisville Mega Cavern and take the tour they offer.  We saw this tour was available a couple of years ago when we were in Louisville, so we decided to give it a try.  After the previous day's tour and events that wore me out, I made Shawn call and find out if there was any steps involved before committing to it.  I was happy to find out there was no steps and not much walking.  We just sat on a tram while it drove us around the man-made caverns and listened to the tour guide explain what we were seeing.  It's definitely not what I was expecting, but it was very interesting and I'm glad we went.  There was alot of history about the cavern so please click the link above to find out more about it.  Below are pictures I took during our tour.  It was pitch black in the cavern so alot of my pictures didn't turn out.

We had to buy one of these headlamp hats for Gavin. I've posted pictures of him wearing it at the bottom of this entry.
There was a couple different signs throughout the cavern to tell you where you were at in relation to be outside of the cave.  And the spray painted number indicates with cavern wall you were near.

This is the only underground cave/cavern you can zip through.
Our tour guide, Kevin, was super friendly and funny and very knowledgeable of the cavern and it's history.  He also ate a worm!

And a few pictures of Gavin sporting his new lighted headlamp hat...

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