Thursday, June 21, 2012

Congratulations "Cuz" Hope

I can't believe my little cousin Hope just graduated high school and is heading off into the air force!  Seems just like yesterday me and my dad were driving to downtown Evansville to go to the hospital to visit David and Becky and their new bundle of joy, Hope Angeline Stewart.  I was in college in her younger years and remember spending lots of my college lunches and breaks driving across town to visit her for only a few minutes and then driving back across town to make my next class.  There was lots of times I babysat her, and even plenty more times we were headed to Chuck E. Cheese driving down the road blaring "Oh Mickey" on the radio and being silly! 

She was given, what was supposed to be, a "surprise" graduation/going away party, but somehow I believe she found out about it.  Me and Shawn picked up mom, and we already had Gavin from a previous event that day, and headed to town to attend her party.  Dobie, Charlie, their grandson Trenton, and my Uncle Popeye joined us.  We had a great time visiting, eating yummy food, dancing, and just enjoying each other's company! 

And while I don't see her nearly as often as I used to or should, she'll always be my little "Cuz" Hope!

Cuz Hope....this video is dedicated to you!!  Love ya girl!!

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