Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This past Sunday evening at church, Shawn and I received a blessing of the Lord.  We've been struggling the past couple of weeks with our finances.  To us it's struggling, to others, it may not be.  Shawn's been having smaller paychecks and I've probably been spending more than I should.  Regardless, money has been tight and we have no money in savings right now to fall back on.  If Shawn paid the cell phone bill, it would of put the checkbook into the negative, so he decided just to pay it late so we would have a little cash in the checking account should we need it before he gets paid on Friday. 

Sunday evening at church, right before the offering was taken up, our Pastor told us that the church was struggling to pay some bills and encouraged people to pay their tithes and give in their offerings.  I didn't have any money at all to give.  Then I remembered that I had $6 in my purse that was from Angie for me to give to Ede to pay for her Avon.  I thought about giving that, but decided I better not since it wasn't my money.  But I had a stirring in my heart so I decided to give the $6 and would just pay Ede back on Friday when Shawn got paid; I knew she wouldn't mind.  So I gave the $6 and thought nothing else about it. 

During the message that night, the Pastor talked about blessing from heaven and picked up a box of Kleenex's and began pulling them out one by one and giving them to people who had their hands out to receive a blessing.  Of course the main blessing that I have been asking of God is to heal me of infertility and to allow me to get pregnant so Shawn and I can start a family.  That's always my prayer and my heart's desire.  So as he's giving me my "blessings", I'm praying and worshipping God and continue to have my hand out to receive God's blessings until there are no more.  Well a powerful move of God moved the church and before I knew it, boxes and boxes of Kleenex's, one Kleenex at a time, had been put in my hand.  People gathered around Shawn and I and prayed for us and with us and kept blessing up. I felt "blessing's" being put on my head and then I heard our Pastor say that people had ran out of Kleenex's and were now pulling out money to bless us.  I was in awe.  I never dreamed of praying for financial blessing.  All in all, after it was all over with, Shawn and I were blessing with $170.95.  It was just enough to pay the tithe, the cell phone bill, a lunch at work I owed, the Girl Scout cookie money I owed, put gas in my car, and to pay Ede back the $6 I put in the offering plate.  We were given a white trash bag full of the Kleenex's that were used for our blessing.  They are sitting on the table and every time I see them, I think about the blessings we ARE going to receive.  I plan on buying a couple of clear containers to put our blessings in to remind us how great our God is.  It's also a constant reminder that I will have total faith in God and will not doubt that God can and will bless us!


Perri said...

That is an awesome story -- what church do you attend? You can email me the answer if you want.


Stacey Jessee Glenn said...

Thanks Perri! We go to East Side Church of God in Evansville. It's over on the southeast side off of Alvord and Culverson. :)