Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Noah

Our friends from church, and next door neighbors, had a party on Saturday, May 15, to celebrate the first birthday of their little boy Noah.  I was excited to have Gavin spend the night with us and go to his party with him.  We had yummy cake and ice cream.  The cake came from my favorite bakery, Piece of Cake, and was 4 layers tall.  There was chocolate (my fave!), yellow, banana, and then a small top layer of chocolate.  Noah enjoyed getting into the cake and got lots of fun presents.  Gavin had a good time and got some fun party favors - a squirt gun, noise-making lips, and some bubbles.  Thanks Phil and Rachel for inviting us!  We love you guys!

Noah thought the cake was yummy!

The 4-layer monster!

Gavin says "Happy Birthday" little buddy!

Me and Rach

Happy 1st Birthday Cute Neighbor Boy!

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