Thursday, April 16, 2009

An update on my TTC

I had my HSG Tuesday morning. It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. The SIS definitely hurt worse. Dr. Gentry had a hard time inserting the catheter because my cervix was tilted and smaller than normal. He said it’s probably because of my surgery and some scar tissue and because I have never had children. He had to dilate me and was finally able to get the catheter in. He inflated the balloon and injected the dye. The dye flowed through in my right fallopian tube exactly as it should, but it didn’t flow through my left tube and the catheter slipped out. Because Dr. Gentry had a hard time putting it in the first time, he didn’t want to do it again. He said he didn’t think my left tube was blocked and sometimes the dye “takes the path of least resistance”. The x-ray tech said it could be because of the fibroid on my left side that they left in when I had my surgery last year and the dye had a hard time going around it. Dr. Gentry said everything looked good, but he was going to start me on a stronger dose of fertility pills and warned me that that would increase my chances of having twins. I told him I honestly have always said I would like to have twins. My thinking is a boy and a girl and get it done with at one time. Now I know that you can’t predict what sex your babies will be and how many you will have, but I think it’s exciting that I could possibly have twins. I don’t think Shawn is excited as I am though. LOL!! Anyways, Dr. Gentry said his nurse would call me in a day or two to get the fertility medicine started. So that’s what is going on. (I copied this from an email I sent out the other day.)

Dr. Gentry's nurse called yesterday and told me to call her when I start my period and they'll have me come in to get started the Clomid. I am way excited about starting the medicine and hopefully becoming a mother in a few months.

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~*~Tracey~*~ said...

I'm pullin' for ya Stacey. Can't wait to hear the good news.