Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009 - Gavin's 1st Easter

We had Easter this year at our house. I got up early in the morning and put my ham in while I was getting ready for church. Shawn and I went to Sunday School and church, where our family joined us before coming to the house for Easter dinner and a day of relaxing. The Easter bunny brought goodie baskets and sweets for everyone.

The Easter bunny also brought me a basket full of yummy goodness too (except the "bunny" tends to fill the basket with more candy that he likes ;).

While Gavin is still too little to have an egg hunt, the big kids weren't. Tommy hid the eggs in the backyard for Beth and I to find (horrible pictures of two fat sisters so that's why I am not posting any). Then Beth and I hid the eggs in the front yard for Tommy and Shawn to find.

Before the day was over, Beth and I went upstairs to the bonus room and took some pictures of Gavin.
These two pictures ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

Gavin and his aunt Stacey

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