Friday, January 9, 2009


Whew...I'm so glad it's Friday. I am completely exhausted! Work has been busy, family life has been crazy, and I've just been lazy all around. I plan on going home tonight and just relaxing on the couch. Tomorrow I have to work from 8-1, then I'm going home to get the puppy, going to Heather's for a bit, and then tomorrow evening the puppy has his first day of school. Hee!! He will be attending puppy education classes at Petsmart. They start at 7:00 p.m. each Saturday for the next 8 weeks. Hopefully that dog will learn something. He's wearing me out. I know he's a puppy, but come on already. If I'm yelling at you, that doesn't mean run around the table and make me chase you while you are shredding up paper. It means STOP!

I ordered a new lens for my camera on Monday and got it Wednesday. So this weekend, provided that the weather is halfway decent, I'll probably try to find some subjects to take some pictures of.

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