Thursday, January 1, 2009

Amaryllis Plants

A few years ago at work, one of our VP's was sent an amaryllis plant by a client. I had never heard of this type of plant before and was amazed by it. The plant grew so fast, you could literally watch it grow before your eyes. I bought one for myself after that and had fun with it watching it grow. So this year for Christmas, I thought it would be fun to get the girls at work an amaryllis plant and we could all watch them grow and see whose would grow faster, to see whose wouldn't grow, etc. I gave them to the girls on the Monday before Christmas. The directions say that once the plant is planted, it would take a few weeks for growth. Tiff and I planted ours that afternoon, Laura, Pam and Lisak planted theirs on Tuesday, and Cara didn't plant hers until Friday...4 whole days later than the rest of us. On Tuesday at work, I took a picture of the progress of the plants.

This is my plant.
This is Laura's plant.

Here is Pam's plant.

And Lisak's plant.
Tiff's plant.
And last, but not least....Cara's plant. Can you believe how much it has grown?????? May I draw your attention to the black marker line on it. We marked it on Monday and by Tuesday, it had already grown that much overnight!

I think the reason for Cara's plant growth is due to the fact that she doesn't sit in the same area as the rest of us do. We are all trapped in a tiny little room with no natural sunlight and that's colder than Antartica. Cara sits out in the main part of the office and has lots of natural sunlight shining on her plant.
I plan on blogging and posting pictures weekly on the growth of the plants.


glitzen said...

We love those plants too! I got one for my son in the Air Force, and he thought it was the greatest Christmas gift ever last year.
Good idea to document the growth. Its almost hard to believe, isn't it?

MeChele said...

My sis just got one of those for Christmas from a client, I've never seen one until she got one.

Cara said...

I think it's cool that you have everyone's plant posted! Can't wait to see everyone's progress.