Our Journey of TTC

9.2007 - decided we were ready for a family and started TTC.

2.2008 - found out I had an enlarged uterus. Meant I was either pregnant or had fibroids. Turned out it was the latter and that was scary and upsetting news.

3.21.08 - met with Dr. Ripperger (Dr. R) to discuss fibroids and my options.

4.17.08 - met with Dr. Gentry (Dr. G), the infertility specialist to discuss surgery and options.

4.18.08 - met with Dr. R again and had an SIS ultrasound.

5.15.08 - 1st Lupron injection to help shrink the fibroid.

6.17.08 - 2nd Lupron injection, had pre-op appt with Dr. G.

7.3.08 - had another SIS ultrasound and pre-op appt at hospital.

7.10.08 - had surgery laparotomy myomectomy (turned out I actually had 11 fibroids (1 the size of a grapefruit and 10 the size of golf balls). In hospital for 3 days, at home recovering for 4 weeks.

8.4.08 - post op appt w/Dr. G

8.25.08 - post op appt w/Dr. R

9.2.08 - another post op appt w/Dr. G

3.17.09 - appt w/Dr. G to discuss fertility options

3.24.09 - started Yaz bc pill

4.??.09 - had an HSG done. Left tube was blocked, probably because of fibroid that they didn't remove.

4.24.09 - started Clomid 100 mg

5.4.09 - appt w/Dr. G for follicle u/s. Nothing :(

5.20.09 - missed period - negative :(

8.21.09 - went for baseline u/s

8.23.09 - started Femera pills for 5 days

8.25.09 - started Follistem 100 inj for 6 nights

8.31.09 - went for follicle u/s, 1 unmature follicle, estrogen levels were high enough to receive HCG trigger shot.

8.31-9.6.09 - our "busy" time

9.14.09 - started period :( waiting on Dr. G to let us know what's next. Have to sit out a cycle before I can start meds again.

10.13.09 - started period :( Called Dr. G to find out what's next. Going in tomorrow for baseline u/s to check for cysts, pollyps.

10.16.09 - went for baseline u/s, everything looked ok, ready to start pills and injections again.

10.18.09 - start Femera pills for 5 days

10.20.09 - start Follistem 150 inj for 6 nights

10.26.09 - went in for follicle u/s. nothing :(. nothing on my right ovary, nurse couldn't see my left ovary because of fibroid. Estrogen levels were 239 which indicates 2 mature follicles, but because they didn't see them, I couldn't get trigger shot. Just told to "have fun" the next week and half.

11.8.09 - started period :( Waiting for Dr. G to call me back with our next step.

11.16.09 - decided to put TTC on hold until I can get my weight under some sort of control.

4.21.11 - we are still TTC; it is discouraging every month, but I have faith and I have to keep the faith that it's all in God's hands.

2.17.12 - decided we were ready to go back to the fertility doctor and get this journey started again since we weren't successful trying on our own.

2.20.12 - called Dr. G's office to find out what we needed to do and was told to schedule a follow-up appointment.

2.21.12 - called Dr. G's office to schedule follow-up appointment. Have it tomorrow :)

2.22.12 - follow up appointment with Dr. G at 11:00 a.m. :) He's going to have my blood drawn to test my hormone levels and schedule an SIS ultrasound when I start my period.

2.27.12 - started my period. Called and scheduled my SIS ultrasound.

2.29.12 - stopped at Dr. G's office this morning to have my blood drawn to test my hormone levels.

3.15.12 - Bea w/Dr. G.'s office called and said my Day 3 labs came back perfectly fine. Next step is my SIS u/s in his office on Monday.

3.19.12 - SIS u/s w/Dr. G. My cervix is up alot higher than normal and fibroid has grown. Dr. G has me scheduled for an MRI on Friday morning at 7:00 a.m.

3.23.12 - MRI - was very uncomfortable! No wonder people get claustrophobic!

3.26.12 - started period this morning :(

3.26.12 - Bea w/Dr. G's office called and said they got the MRI results back. Multiple fibroids again with the largest being about 5" in diameter. The large one is in the muscle pushing on the lining of the uterus. Scheduled a follow-up with Dr. G on 4/18 at 10:15 a.m.

4.18.12 - Appt w/Dr. G. Multiple fibroids, but all are on the outside of uterus. No surgery now. Will start fertility medicines with start of next period.

4.25.12 - Started period. Called Dr. G's office to schedule baseline u/s and get treatments started.

4.??.12 - Baseline U/S done; everything clear to start meds/injections.

4.??.12 - Started Femera pills twice a day for 5 days.

4.30.12 - Started Follistem injections 200 for 6 nights.

5.??.12 - Went in for follicle u/s. Nothing on my left ovary. Nurses couldn't see my right ovary because of fibroids. Estrogen blood levels indicated 500+ so I was able to get my trigger shot and homework schedule.

5.22.12 - Started my period last night :( Have to rest a month :(

6.24.12 - Started my period tonight :( and :)

6.25.12 - Went in for baseline u/s. Ovaries are clear. Start Femara pills for 5 days, twice a day/Follistem injections 300 for 6 nights.

7.5.12 - Went in for follicle u/s. Some unmature follicles on my left ovary (this is a first for anything on that ovary!), still can't see right ovary because of fibroids. Estrogen levels were only in the 300's and Dr. G thinks I already ovulated so I couldn't get my trigger shot and just told to have fun :(

7.21.12 - Started my period :( 

7.23.12 - Call Courtney to let her know I started and scheduled an appt. w/Dr. G to talk about what's next since I haven't seen him since April.

8.2.12 - Appt w/ Dr. G to discuss the next step.  Dr. G wants to do an HSG on me again since its been a few years since I had the last one done.  If everything looks ok, we'll proceed with medicine and do our first IUI!!!!  This make me extremely happy!

8.20.12 - Started my period :)  Called Dr. G's office to let the nurse know.

8.20.12 - Dr. G's office called to schedule my HSG.  It's Tuesday, August 28 at 8:30 a.m.  Provided everything is fine, we'll start our first IUI!

8.28.12 - HSG @ 8:30 @ MRI.  Dr. G wasn't able to perform because my cervix was tilted and he couldn't get the catheter in.  Tried multiple times.  Possible surgery for artery embolization.  Waiting on Dr. G's nurse to call me with date.

8.31.12 - Left message with Dr. G's office to find out more about possible surgery.  Waiting on callback. :(

9.5.12 - Bea with Dr. G's office called and set they are setting up my artery embolization (UAE/UFE) procedure and she will call me back with the details as soon as they have everything.

10.3.12 - Day of my UAE or UFE. Had to be at St. Mary's Hospital at 7:00 a.m., procedure at 8:30 a.m. Procedure went fine.  Recovery was hell!  Lots of pain, nausea, vomiting, fever/chills, no appetite, no rest. (I think I also did something to my sciatic nerve climbing on the operating table.)

10.4.12 - Day one post-op - feeling somewhat better.  Able to eat a little.  Pain isn't as bed. Released from hospital at 1:00 p.m. Still not able to get comfortable to get any rest.

10.5.12 - Day two post-op - Shawn had to work today so I had him pick up my mom; I'm glad.  I was miserable.  Lots of pain, nausea, cramping, chills, fever, flu-like symptoms, constipated and bad back/hip pain from that, no appetite, not able to get comfortable to rest, used a heating pad alot.  Called Dr. Gentry's office and was told to take Miralax and some Colace stool softeners; if no relief by Sunday to call back.

10.6.12 - Day three post-op - Mild cramping, constipated and lots of back/hip pain.  FINALLY able to go to the bathroom some.  More of an appetite, chasing Colace stool softeners with apple cider/Miralax cocktails.

10.7.12 - Day four post-op - Went to church this morning, then to take mom home.  Completely wore out.  Still constipated and uncomfortable from that, but having some small BM's.  Noticed more abdominal pain today.  Appetite back to normal, chasing Colace stool softeners with apple cider/miralax cocktails.

10.8.12 - Day five post-op - Didn't go to work today like scheduled.  Finally able to rest and wanted to spend an entire day resting before getting back into things full throttle.  Small BM's, still taking Colace stool softeners tho, abdominal cramps and discomfort, still using a heating pad, woke up with a cough, sore throat and achy ears (I know this is from Shawn - he caught something from the hospital!)

10.9.12 - Day six post-op - Feeling much better from my procedure; went to work all day today.  Noticed when I'm up walking around alot or climbing stairs, the upper part of my right thigh gets really tired and achy.  I've got some aches on my lower hips (not sure about this) (2.10.13 realize now this is possible from a sciatic nerve problem).  I've been having BM's so that's good.  On the other hand, I think I've got a sinus infection/bronchitus.  I felt bad all day, with deep, pghlemy coughs, hot, tired and just achy.

10.10.12 - Day seven post-op - Surgery wise, I'm doing better.  Went to my family doctor today and I have a sinus infection.  He said it's from having a weak immune system right now, and the fact that there is alot of crud going around. 

10.29.12 - Met with Dr. G for a post-op appt.  Wants to see me back in 3 months to do an SIS u/s.

1.22.13 - Started period and called Dr. G's office to schedule appt.

1.24.13 - Dr. G's office called back and I have an appt for an SIS on 2.12.13.

2.7.13 - Dr. G's office called to reschedule my SIS appt that was supposed to be on 2.12.13.  Now it's scheduled for 2.18.13.

2.18.13 - Appt w/ Dr. G at 2:30.  Unsuccessful SIS u/s.  Dr. G has ordered another MRI and possible surgery to remove the fibroid. 

2.22.13 - MRI :(  Freaked out a bit this time.  Waiting on the results.  Also started my period today :(

3.??.13 - Start period :(  This was a very heavy period; at times I had to wear pads and tampons together.  Lots of cramping.

3.21.13 - Met with Dr. G to discuss MRI.  Fibroid is a little smaller, but not much.  Blood flow has stopped.  Definite surgery to remove that fibroid.  Either a robotic myomectomy with a dr. at IU, or Dr. G will do it here the same way he did my first one.  Possibly June.

3.25.13 - Started taking FertilAid vitamins...we shall see...

4.30.13 - Trying to get in touch with Dr. Rossi @ IU Medical to see if they got my records and what is going on.

5.6.13 - Dr. Rossi doesn't want to do my surgery, she wants to concentrate on oncology in the OR.  I completely understand.  She has referred me to Dr. Rothenberg.  Not sure about this so I've left message with Dr. Gentry's office.

  5.8.13 - Michelle with Dr. Gentry's office called and left voice mail.  Dr. Gentry is researching possible doctors.  Not sure what that means.  I've left a VM for Michelle to call me back.  

5.??.13 - Dr. Gentry and Dr. L are going to do my surgery.  I have to take 3 months of the Lupron Depot shot which is why the surgery isn't soon. Was going to schedule it for end of August, but I am having them move it back till the end of October so I'm not gone during our two busy due dates and for our Gatlinburg vacation.  Waiting on Michelle w/ Dr. Gentry's office to call me back with the date. 

8.5.13 - Started my period :( and :)

8.6.13 - Called Dr. Gentry's office and left a voicemail for Michelle that I started me period and needed my Lupron Depot injection and then asked when they had scheduled my surgery for.

8.8.13 - Called Dr. Gentry's office and asked for Michelle or the nurse since no one had called me back yet.  After being on hold for 20+ minutes, Tera the nurse told me that Michelle doesn't work there anymore and asked what I needed. Seriously!?!?  They have me peeved!  Anyways I have to pick up my injection from the pharmacy and then go in either Friday before noon or Monday morning to get it.  I asked about my surgery date and she said she didn't know cause they only schedule a month in advance.  I also told her I would prefer to have it at the Deaconess Women's Hospital and she said they don't do them there.  I reminded her they did cause that's where I had my first one at.  She said they used to, but don't anymore for some reason.  At this point, I don't care; just schedule it!

8.8.13 - Called the pharmacy to order my injection and she said they wouldn't have it until after noon tomorrow.  So much for getting the injection in the morning.  Now I have to pick it up tomorrow on my way home from work and go into the doctor's office Monday (with Gavin in tow) before we go to Holiday World.

9.3.13 - Called the Schnucks Pharmacy to order my 2nd of 3 Lupron injections, only the order was rejected because the meds are a "specialty drug", so I was given the number to call the CVS Caremark Pharmacy.  Called CVS and ordered it.  They create a claim to order it and someone will call me back to verify info.

9.5.13 -  Called CVS Caremark to find out what's going on since I hadn't heard from them.  They contacted doctor's office twice and got no response.  I asked why didn't call me; I'd get on the horn because I need the meds Monday morning and it's Thursday now.  She said they contact the drs office 3 times then give it to the patient to handle.

9.5.13 - I called and left VM for Tera to fax my script to CVS Caremark and to call and let me know when she's done it.

9.5.13 - I get VM from Tera that she's done it twice, the second time they needed a specific reason code.

9.5.13 - I call CVS to see if they got the script from Tera.  She said no.  Apparently I was given the customer service fax number and not the pharmacy fax number so I have to call Tera and have her call CVS to give a verbal script.  

9.5.13 - I left a VM for Tera to call the pharmacy number and give a verbal script, and then to call me back when she's done that.

9.5.13 - At 5:08, I still hadn't heard from CVS, so I call them.  Spoke to Diana.  They received verbal script at a different location so she is transferring it to the correct location. Tried to charge me a $50 copay. I question why it's $50 through them and only $30 at Schnucks.  She said she will find out and contact me the next day for payment.  She also tells me the meds will ship to the doctor's office, which I am fine with.  I told her that Dr. Gentry's office closed at noon on Friday's.

9.6.13 - Diana w/CVS called me to get payment for the injection - $30.  Says it will be delivered to Dr. Gentry's office on Monday.  I asked her to verify the address they were delivering it to...just to make sure it was going to the right office.

9.6.13 - Strella w/CVS called to tell me that can't ahold of Dr. Gentry's office to verify the mailing address.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  It was around 1 when she called.  I told her they closed at noon on Friday's, and told her that I told the lady yesterday that.  I even told her that I verified the address with the lady yesterday, but she said they needed to verify it with the doctor's office.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I'm said "look, I need this medicine on Monday.  I told the lady this yesterday on the phone.  I verified the mailing address."  She spoke with her supervisor and they realize this is a special circumstance so they are going to UPS overnight it to my house for Saturday delivery and to leave with no signature.  

9.7.13 - FINALLY got the injection!  Mom and I were driving through the neighborhood looking for a yard sale when I saw the UPS driver pulling out of my street.  I rushed home to see if a box was at my front door, cause if not, we were going to chase that UPS truck down!  LOL!

11.20.13 - Had to do a bowel prep today before my surgery.

11.21.13 - Surgery today at noon at St. Mary's.  Have to be at the hospital at 10.  The surgery took a little longer than expected.  The fibroid was MUCH LARGER that it should be on any of the MRI's.  He had to cut it apart and take it out in much smaller pieces.  Other than that, the surgery went fine.  The entire evening at the surgery, I felt so sick and nauseated and uncomfortable.

11.22.13 - Day one post opp.  Feel much better!  They took catheter out, unhooked me from the IV pole, and have had me up walking and doing some breathing treatment thing. Been holding food down.  We had lots of visitors today, and I am thankful for that.  Good company always makes a person feel better. Dr. G. stopped by to visit yesterday evening.  Said he will try to get me back home by Sunday.

12.16.13 - Post-op appt. with Dr. Gentry.  Said surgery went fine, and I'm healing good.  Wants me back in one month to discuss fertility options.

12.19.13 - Started my period :(  Yuckity!  I haven't had one in so long, I forgot how much I hate them!

1.6.14 - Here is the link to my blog post regarding my most recent surgery. Fibroid Surgery 11.21.13

1.13.14 - Started my period :(

1.14.14 - Follow-up appt after surgery and to discuss fertility options.  Dr. G. wants me to have bloodwork done on Day 3 of this period to check my hormone levels, and then he wants to check Shawn's sperm count again.

1.15.14 - Had bloodwork done this morning.  They will call with results.  Also dropped off Shawn's specimen.  They called re: that but I missed the called and they never called back after my VM.

1.15.14 - My bloodwork came back fine; however Shawn's numbers and sperm count were low so he has to go have additional bloodwork done.

2.7.14 - Shawn went to have bloodwork done.

2.9.14 - Started my period :(

2.13.14 - I called Dr. G's office to see if they got the results of Shawn's blood work and if Dr. G. has a plan of action for us.  I also wanted to get the doses of meds I will need to take so I can see what the costs of them where.  She said that Shawn's testosterone levels were really low - normal range is 241-827, and Shawn's were 223.  He has to take 1/2 of a Clomid pill every day for 2-3 months and then have his semen analysis repeated.  She said that him taking the Clomid will increase his testosterone.  Lord, why is all of this stuff happening to us? 

3.2.14 - Found out the blood tests Dr. Gentry ordered Shawn to have done aren't covered by his insurance and now we owe $817!  Yikes!  So I've got Shawn on assignment to find out why they weren't covered and what his insurance does cover regarding infertility!

??? - Appealed Shawn's insurance and got $500 of that bill waived.

??? - Shawn's numbers and sperm count improved some, but Dr. G. still wants him continue taking the Clomid.

7.9.14 - Appt. to meet with Dr. G to come up with a plan for us.  He wants Shawn to continue taking the Clomid.  I'm going to start taking injections again and trying our first IUI.  The nurses gave me some information and phone numbers to call to get discounts on meds since we will be self-pay this time.

7. 27.14 - Started period.

7.28.14 - Called Dr. G's office to let them know I started my period.  Scheduled a baseline u/s for Tuesday morning.

7.29.14 - Baseline u/s.  Everything looked good.  Starting Femara pills tonight and Follistim injections on Thursday evening!  Very confused with insurance and being a self-pay for medicines.  Overwhelming!  (http://shawnandstaceyglenn.blogspot.com/2014/07/time-to-hop-back-on-emotional-roller.html) Got follicle u/s & IUI dates scheduled.

8.6.14 - Follicle u/s this morning.  One 10mm follicle on my right ovary.  Nothing on my left. Needs to be mature at 18mm before I can get the trigger shot.  Waiting on Dr.'s office to call with bloodwork results and to see if I need to take more medicine for a couple more days.  If I do, I'll be giving myself the shots in my thigh instead of the stomach.  Longer needle.  Yikes!!

8.6.14 - Dr's office called back.  My estrogen level was 111 (it's about 100 for each mature follicle).  Dr. wants me to take 150 units of Follistim tonight and Thursday night and then come back in on Friday for another follicle u/s and another estrogren blood draw.  They also called a refill into Metro for another 300 unit vial of Follistim.

8.6.14 - Metro called to confirm my order and get payment. Overnighting meds so I should have them tomorrow.

8.6.14 - Brandi gave me my Follistim injection in the thigh tonight.

8.7.14 - I called on Brandi again to give me another Follistim injection in the thigh.

8.8.14 - Follicle u/s again this morning.  Success!!  3 follicles, size 10, 12 & 14.  Taking Follistim injection again tonight and tomorrow.  HCG trigger shot Saturday evening between 8:30-9:00 p.m..  Intercourse tonight and Saturday night.  Nothing on Sunday.  IUI Monday morning at 9:00 a.m.   

8.8.14 - Picked up progesterone suppositories at the pharmacy. Start those Thursday eveing. Gave myself Follistim injection.  Thank goodness for extra medicine!

8.9.14 - Gave myself Follistim injection.  Brandi gave me trigger shot.

8.10.14 - First IUI.  (http://www.shawnandstaceyglenn.blogspot.com/2014/08/our-first-iui.html) Procedure was successful.  Given "homework" instructions and to return on 8.25.14 for a pregnancy bloodtest if I don't start my period before then.

8.11.14 - 8.25.14 - the "two week wait".  Longest two weeks ever!

8.25.14 - went for blood test this morning to determine if I'm pregnant or not!

8.25.14 - It was negative.  My heart is broken.

9.24.14 - Started period while on vacation :( Shawn wanted to start fertility treatments again; I wanted to wait since we were on vacation.

10.20-26.14 - Started period

Beginning of November - started having those middle of the month ovulation pains.  Possible Mittelschmerz?  Noticed them before but just thought I was ovulating.

11.15.14 - ?? Period

12.11.14 - Started period Ugh!

4.8.15 - 4.11.15 - period

5.7.15 - 5.10.15 - period

6.4.15 - 6.8.15 - period.  I had really bad periods this month and horrible cramps on the 5th and 6th.  Tylenol and heating pads didn't help.  Ended up taking a pain pill and it helped the pain.

7.4.15 - 7.7.15 & 7.29. 15 - 7.31.15 - TWO PERIODS this month.  Are you kidding me?!?!  This sucks!

8.26.15 - 8.28.15 - period, no cramps at all

9.22.15 - 9.25.15 - period.  Really bad cramps this month so I tried the pain pill thing again and it worked.

10.19.15 - 10.22.15 - period.  On vacation :(  Bad middle of the month cramping again started on 10.31.15 through today 11.4.15 :(

WOW, I can't believe it's been a whole year since I've blogged about our unsuccessful journey of TTC!

11.4.15 - Been having those period-like cramps since last Friday.  Called Dr. Gentry's office Monday and yesterday Tera called me back and scheduled me for a vaginal ultrasound today to see if I had any cysts on my ovaries.  I didn't, so they scheduled me an appointment to meet with Dr. Gentry on November 18 to see if he knows what's going on. I'm going to back and update my period log on here as well since I was keeping track of it.

11.15.15 - Started my period :(  Lots of bad cramping and discomfort; totally irritable (poor Shawn), had to take a pain pill for the cramps.

11.18.15 - Appt with Dr. Gentry regarding these painful periods I've been having.  He thinks it might be Adenomyosis, which he said is like endometriosis in the wall of the uterus.  He wants to do an MRI to be sure and then will know how to treat me with medicine.  Also wanted to check my hormone levels so I had Day 3 blood draw done.

11.18.15 - Got bloodwork done at Tri-State Medical Labs (Lab Svcs Corp) - they said I owed a balance from 8.8.14, so now I've got to deal with insurance and try and figure this out.  #dealingwithinsurancesucks

11.19.15 - Kelly called and got my MRI scheduled for Monday, November 23 at 3:30 p.m.

11.19.15 - Hannah with MRI called to verify it was scheduled and to give me the est. cost - $375.

11.23.15 - Went to MRI appt.  Had a bad experience and freaked out once they got me in the machine, so they couldn't do the MRI.  She told me to contact my doctor and see if they could give me a nerve pill before doing it next time.

11.24.15 - I called Kelli at Dr. Gentry's office and explained all of that to her and just asked if she could see if Dr. G would just start me on medicine since he's pretty sure what it is so that I don't have to go through the MRI process again.  She's gonna find out and then call me back.

12.??.15 - Kelli called me back and said that Dr. Gentry wants me to start taking Aygestin, which is a low dose birth control pill, for 30 days and then to follow up with him on January 11, 2016.

12.??.15 - Picked up prescription and started taking them in the evening.

12.24.15 - Started period.  Mild spotting, lighter period, mild to severe cramping daily.  Longest period ever - started 12/24/15 and by 1/8/16 I'm still on it with mild spotting and light cramps.

2016 - met with Dr. G a time or two to see how I am doing with Aygestin.  

1.20.17 - our journey of TTC is basically over, but I should probably keep this page up-to-date for my own personal recolection of what is going on.  Had a follow up appt with Dr. G on 1.18.17 to see how I'm doing on the Aygestin birth control pill.  No periods and no cramps so I'm going to stay on it, probably forever.  He wrote me a 1 year prescription for 3 month refills at a time so I can do mail order.  Will see him back in 1 year unless I need something else.


Perri said...

When you are finally through this journey with success, there will be much rejoicing all around. Even from those who pray for you and you have no idea that they do....like me.

Stacey Jessee Glenn said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and your prayers! They are very much appreciated!! Is your blog still set to private? I'd love to follow along!