Saturday, May 27, 2017

Travels to Indiana Amish Country

On Saturday's when we don't have any definite plans, I always want to venture out somewhere to eat.  We usually end up in Bowling Green, Louisville, Nashville, or somewhere in Indiana.  Today we decided to drop the Explorer off for an oil change and then we drove to Rose Hill Cafe in Newburgh for breakfast.  After that we picked the Explorer up and left Shawn's car for an oil change, and then we hopped on the interstate and headed an hour north to Montgomery, Indiana.  I dropped Shawn off at Country Oaks to play golf and I drove around for the next three hours on country roads looking for the Amish and trying to photograph their lifestyle!  I absolutely am fascinated with the Amish and their way of life.  I love their simplicity, yet hard work ethics.  They have some of the most beautiful homes with meticulous landscaping and yard decorations, and such large working farms.  Their horses are such beauties as well.  And they appear so friendly waving as you drive by them at their homes or in the buggies on the road.  After Shawn was finished golfing, we headed for dinner at the Gasthof Amish restaurant and then stopped in a little shop there and bought the most gigantic hanging plant basket ever!  Love taking little road trips and hanging out with my hubs!

See ya later Shawn!  Have fun golfing!  

I'm ready to stalk!

I encountered this little guy running along side a country road.  I'm not one to bring in strays, but he was so, so tiny and I had to contemplate him for a little bit.  I didn't know if he was a stray or belonged to someone.  I definitely didn't want to take someones pet.  He ended up running into someones yard and up by their house so I'm hoping he lived there.  

Oh be still my heart!  They were having a pony auction at Dinky's this afternoon!  Amish jackpot!!  Every Friday evening they have an auction and people say it's something else.  Since we have summer hours on Friday at work, Shawn and I will definitely be making a trip up there to partake in the festivities!  

I'm not sure what the purpose of putting plastic bottles on these poles is.  I've seen it around here too.  If anyone knows, please let me know and settle my curiosity!

Empty beer cases and cans are all over those country roads.  I'm thinking those Amish like to have a good time.  After watching Amish Mafia, I'm sure it's true! 

There are so many amazing horses and baby horses!  Such beauties!

This horse had a heart on him!<3 nbsp="" p="">

This guy had them packed in that truck!  There was 5 of them in the back, count the hats! 

I bought this hanging basket at one of the shops at the Gasthof Village.  This picture definitely doesn't do it justice as to just how big this plant is and how huge those geraniums are.  Those Amish definitely know how to grow plants.  I'll probably kill it in three days!

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