Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our Trip to the Ark Encounter

Disclaimer:  I've gotten lazy with my blogging and actually copied my Trip Advisor review here.  It tells the story.  HA!

We visited the Ark Encounter earlier this month and I'm so glad we did. This place is awesome and HUGE. Be prepared for lots of walking. We went later in the day on Friday around 4:00 (they are open until midnight the first 40 days). I had bought our tickets and paid for parking online, so we were able to walk right up to the ticket window and get our wristbands. There was no line or wait for tickets or to get on the bus that shuttled you to the actual Ark. I will say that the walk from where they drop you off at to where you actually get into the Ark is a bit of walk. Seems like they could drop you off alot closer to the entrance. 

At the time we were there, it definitely wasn't crowded and we were able to immediately go inside the Ark. It's truly an amazing and spectacular sight to see. It's definitely more than I expected. 

It is alot of walking and standing and reading and by the time we got to the 3rd deck, I was getting tired and spent more time sitting on the many benches they have waiting on my husband. We didn't get a chance to visit the petting zoo area. And we already had dinner plans for someplace else so we didn't get to try the restaurant, but heard great things about it.

We were there about 4 hours and had I not been spent already, we could of stayed a couple more. We went later in the evening because I was wanting to get some pictures of it at night, however it was still daylight when we came out and because of the time difference, it wasn't going to get darker until later. 

If we would of been staying near the Ark and didn't already have dinner plans 30 minutes away from the Ark, we would of left and then came back since we already had our wristbands and had our tickets still and could of just gotten back on the shuttle bus.

I'd definitely like to go back and revisit the areas that I didn't get to spend much time in.

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