Friday, December 11, 2015

Boonville Christmas Parade 2015

I'm so blessed that the town of Boonville hosts a parade for my birthday!  HAHA!

Another perfect day for another parade.  Is this December weather really happening?  We rode on the WOW! float again this year in the parade.  One of these years, I'm going to actually watch the parade and not be in it.  It's a really long parade and those kids on the street get ALOT of candy! HAHA!

Thanks to a photog friend for capturing this picture of us in the parade!

I copied the following from my Facebook page where I had posted it on Monday:

The craziest thing, and a HUGE blessing, happened to us yesterday while at the Boonville parade. My car was parked about two and a half blocks away from the HS, and just off one of the main roads that runs through Boonville, from where we were in the parade line up. After we parked, I had the liftgate open to the back and was getting all of our parade gear out of the back, and then shut the liftgate, locked the car, and we walked to our float. After the parade was over, about 2 hours after we got there, we were headed back to the car and I noticed the liftgate was wide open. I instantly started getting stomach cramps and was afraid of what could of been. In the back, I had my camera bag with over $1,000 camera and lens in it, Gavin's bag with his Kindle in it, my purse with lots of cash and my debit cards and all ID's, Shawn's wallet was in the glove box. Thankfully the good Lord was protecting my car and our belongings, cause EVERYTHING was still in there! I've never been so happy in all my life! I know that I shut the liftgate, cause my car wouldn't beep if I locked it with the gate still open, and I'm so anal about hearing that beep multiple times when I lock it. Somewhere between the keys handoff between Shawn and I while on the float, I'm assuming the liftgate button got pushed, but I surely wouldn't think it would work from two and a half blocks away. I'll definitely be more careful with those keys that's for sure! Thank you Jesus!!

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