Sunday, March 22, 2015

Afternoon Fun at the Zoo!

Gavin spent this weekend with us and Saturday we went to the zoo.  It was an absolutely beautiful day - the sun was shining, the temp was in the low 70's, and there was a nice breeze.  My idea to go to the zoo was in agreement with the other 3,000 people that were there.  HAHA!!  The zoo was really busy, but never felt crowded.  

We contemplated upgrading our entrance fees for a yearly membership fee to the zoo until I was reminded how hilly that zoo was for a fat girl!  Ugh!  

We bought tokens for the tram cause I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to walk since I've been having problems with my sciatica nerve.  I figured we'd walk the majority of the zoo and then when we got to the far end where there isn't much stuff and the walk back to the entrance is all up hill, we would hop on the tram and ride it around the zoo once and then get off.  Only it was at this point, that the tram driver took the corner a little too sharp and took out the corner of a wooden fence and they weren't going anywhere and she was radioing for assistance, that we just kept walking.  By the time we got up to the top of the zoo for another tram, we were all spent and ready to go.  So I've got $6 worth of tram tokens and might head to the zoo on an evening they are open late and just enjoy a tram ride around the zoo. 

Shawn and Gavin weren't as interested in the zoo as I was.  Gavin was constantly looking at the map and asking me where we were at on it so that he could see how close to the car we were, and Shawn couldn't stop thinking about the golf course next door.  

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