Monday, May 20, 2013

Play Ball!

Saturday night was WOW's family night at the Evansville Otter's baseball game against the Normal, Illinois Cornbelters.  We've taken Gavin each year we've gone and have always had a great time.  That little boy definitely kept me on my toes!  We were all over that park....running around playing in the rocks, playing on the playground, going to the potty, getting our face painted, getting balloon swords, getting popcorn, going into the stands watching the ballgame, hanging out near the backfield watching the ball players throwing balls around, and just having a good time being a boy!
The game that night was military night so they had some members of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Association on hand with their bikes.  They all drove out on the field, were announced, and then drove around off the field so the baseball game could get underway!

Our neighbor's, Phil and Rachel, were there with their kiddos so we all sat together.  Noah and Gavin are almost the same age and played together some.  These are two of the cutest boys I know!
 All of the kids got baseballs and a marker to have their balls signed by the players.  As you can see below, Gavin gave his own signature.  He also got it signed by Eva the Otter (pictures are below).

The Hadi Shrine Clowns were also on hand doing balloons and face painting.  I asked Gavin if he wanted his face painted and surprisingly he said yes!  So we stood in line and asked for a Spiderman face!

He was giggling and antsy cause it was tickling him.  Hee!

 The majority of the time we played in the rocks.

I tried to get him to stand by Eva for a picture, but he wasn't getting too close to her.  

Shawn with his lunch buddy, and former WOW coworker, Eric. I'm not saying anything else.  LOL!

On the way out, we had to stop and play on the swing set.  In the past years, we've always spent a lot of time out there.  While we were there, a foul ball game flying out of the ball park, so we brought that home with us.

Well, that blue neck pillow isn't getting much use :(

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