Saturday, May 5, 2012

PP: Gavin's Dinosaur Quilt :)

I can't believe I turned this pile of material into a quilt!!  On one of my many trips into Joann Fabric's, I ran into this super cute dinosaur fabric and couldn't resist buying.  It was a more expensive fabric, and I contemplated it for a bit, but knew that if I didn't get it, I would regret it.  Gavin has a passion for dinosaurs right now and I knew it would be super cute on his little bed at my house.  I bought the dinosaur fabric, and then went back later to find the fabric for the back of the quilt and the binding.  I had a few different ones in the cart before I settled on the ones I got.  I had the fabric at home for a bit before I finally decided to dive in and get started on the quilt.  Once I got started, I couldn't stop.  I know it isn't perfect, but I think it's perfect, especially for my perfect little guy Gavin.  I used the tutorials from Prudent BabySew 4 Home, and   Diary of a Quilter that I found on Pinterest.

I started with these 4 piles of fabric and fleece.

I cut each piece to the size I needed and then layed it out on the living room floor, smoothing each piece as I went.  When I got all three pieces layed out and straightened to my liking, I safety-pinned it in a few spots to hold it in place while I sewed it together.

I had a little help along the way too!

After pinning everything, it was time to head to the sewing machine.  I was going to sew around each block and realized then that there was ALOT of blocks on this quilt, and alot of fabric to keep cramming through the machine, so I decided to sew around every four blocks.  That worked out much better!

After I was finished machine quilting it, it was time to add the binding on.  I had a few problems with the binding, but finally found my niche and everything took off smoothly from then.  

And here is the finished product...all sewed together.  I even washed and dried it and it didn't fall apart.  

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