Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Gavin

Happy 2nd Birthday Gavin!  I can't believe how big you are getting.  Seems just like the other day we were celebrating your first birthday and now look, you are 2!  You amaze me each time I get to see you with all of the new stuff you learn.  I love the way you say "lalello" for yellow and "dreen" for green!  I'm so glad that Uncle Shawn and I got to spend your birthday with you.

Beth and Tommy had Gavin's birthday party at 3:00 on Sunday, so after church, we went to lunch and then drove into Rockport to help celebrate the big day.  The party was at the community room of the apartment building mom lives at.  It's a nice size room with a full kitchen, plenty of tables and chairs, there is a couch and chair and TV to relax at, and then an air hockey table and pool table for people to play on.  Then there is a couple of swings and picnic tables outside for relaxing outdoors.  It's really a great place to have parties. 

We had chocolate cake (my fave!) and ice cream to eat, watched Gavin open presents and just enjoyed every one's company.  There was LOTS of people present at this party too:  Mom and Roger, Beth, Tommy and Gavin, me and Shawn, Brandon and Billy, Krista, Nathan and the boys, Aunt Dobie and Uncle Charlie, Uncle Popeye, Jenny and her girls, Dave, Mary and Dave's mom, Samantha Embry and her family, and then Regina and her kids. 

Gavin loved opening his presents too.  He got lots of good stuff  - matchbox cars, a matchbox cars case, remote control cars, jeans, shirts, jammies, socks, underwear, a pop-up tent, and some other stuff.  We got him a Leapster Leaptop, foam alphabet letters for the bath, two pair of jammies, his 2-year old t-shirt that I had made, and a toy cell phone like Uncle Shashawn's. 

After everyone had left the party and we had cleaned up, we (me, Shawn, mom, Beth, Tommy and Gavin) went to Angelo's for some yummy pizza, breadsticks and sandwiches.   Thanks for supper Beth and Tommy! And of course a visit to the game room.  Gavin loved that.  I took him in there to play and he climbed up on one of the car racing games and yelled for Shashawn to come in there. Once he get in there, Gavin told him to sit so they could race cars together.  It was the cutest thing! 

His yummy catepillar cake. 

I think he got surprised when the lights were shut
off and everyone started singing.

Blowing his candle out. 

Time to get serious about the cake and ice cream eating!

My handsome little buddy!

Opening his Leaptop!

His 2nd birthday shirt I had made. 

Gavin and Aunt Cici

Racing cars with Uncle Shashawn

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