Our Story

Shawn and I met back in May 2001.  Shawn worked with my second cousin Krista's husband Nathan.   I had been having alot of bad relationships and was pretty much done looking.  When they told me that there was a guy at Nathan's work they wanted to hook me up with, I was less than thrilled.  So I figured this guy was gonna be a jerk just like all the rest of them.  A few days later they told me that they had given him my number.  Great, I had a cold and sounded like a man so I was sure that would scare him off when he called!  Nope it didn't.  He had called me while he and his brother were in Nashville visiting a friend and we talked for a while.  He said when he got back to Evansville he wanted to meet, which I was fine with, I had enjoyed talking to him on the phone.  Well they had got back into town really late in the evening and he called and wanted to come over.  I had told him that I was already in my jammies and had my glasses on and crazy hair, but he didn't care, he wanted to come over.  I gave in and said he could come over; of course I was like a crazy woman trying to make myself presentable.  I should of learned then that Shawn was persistent!  LOL!!  He came over and I enjoyed the time we spent with each other.  When he left, he said he would call me the next time.  As I shut the door, I thought to myself, yeah right, you'll call; that's what they all say.  But I was surprised when he did call.  And he kept calling and visiting.  This made my heart happy.

Our first date was to church and to dinner.  When he had told me that he went to a Pentecostal church, I was less than thrilled, but only because the only Pentecostal people I knew wore long skirts and had long hair.  I was just the opposite - I was a jeans and tshirt kind of girl with super short hair.  I really liked this guy, but did I want to have to change my way of life for him?  When I asked him what I should wear to church, he said just wear jeans and a nice shirt.  I remember fretting thinking I'm going to be in jeans and all these ladies are going to be in their dresses.  Man was I ever surprised and thrilled when we pulled up at church and the ladies were in jeans and pants and some even had short hair!  Turns out there are different types of Pentecostal people and I didn't know that.  I had a great time at church and everyone was so friendly.  That's the one thing I remember the most about his church - how everyone was so friendly and made me feel welcome!  After church we went to dinner - to IHOP.  Real romantic huh?  I remember the exact booth we sat in and that our waitresses name was Big Momma! She was a hoot!  After dinner he drove me home and we said our goodbye's for the evening.

There was many, many more dates and dinners between us.  Then at Christmas time in 2003, this boy asked me to marry him and I said yes!  This September we will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary.  My life has been blessed in SO many ways since that night telephone call late that

Some various pics of "US"...

Cobblestone Lodge * Highway 66 World's Largest Rocking Chair Store * June 2013

WOW! Awards * Lago Mar Resort, Ft. Lauderdale, FL * April 2013

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