100+ {A work in progress}

100+ Things About Me

I was going through some blogs the other day and came across a lady who had a "100+" page.  Curious, I clicked on it.  Listed were 100+ random things about her.  I thought this was interesting, so I'm going to incorporate 100+ random things about me into my blog.  Some things you might of already known, others might surprise you :)

1.  Dirty Dancing is my favorite all time movie.  I can watch it anytime it is on, whether it just came on or there is only 5 minutes left of it. 

2.  I can probably quote it word for word.

3.  When I got married, I dropped my middle name (Lee), and took my maiden name (Jessee) for my middle name.

4.  I love to spoil my nephew.

5.  Chocolate is my favorite ice cream.  

6.  I hate cleaning.  I loathe cleaning.  I'm the worst cleaner in the world.  Ugh!

7.  I am addicted to playing Bubble Safari on FB.

8.  Who am I kidding?  I'm addicted to playing all of the Bubble games on FB.

9.  My first apartment was in Evansville called the Omgea Apartments.

10.  My first car was a 1994 Red Dodge Shadow.  It had 3 miles on it when I got it.  

11.  Yep I was a daddy's girl.

12.  Yep I was spoiled.

13.  I was the Hatfield babysitter...the Chapman's, the Tyson's, the Lloyd's

14.  I played Goldie Locks in my kindergarten play.

15.  I always wear two camisoles underneath my shirt, I feel naked without them on.

16.  When I was a kid, I loved getting up and going fishing on the weekends with my dad.

17.  I've been to 3 Kid Rock concerts.

18.  My Aunt Dobie used to work at Tyler's as a cook, and I loved going in with my dad on Sunday mornings and ordering a western omlet cause she hated making them ;)  Wasn't I a nice niece :)

19.  In the wintertime, my fave ice cream is peppermint stick!  Yum!

20.  I only like the coke and root beer flavors of Bottlecaps; the rest I throw away!

21.  My fave ice cream from Lic's is chocolate almond and carmel pralines combined together.

22.  I went to Indiana Business College for accounting but then changed my major to office administration and now I work in an accounting firm.

23.  I love taking road trips!  Pack the cooler, let's go!

24.  I used to be a morning person until I met my husband.  Now I'm a night owl and can hardley get up in the morning.

25. Poor grammar drives me insane!  I mentally correct everything I see and hear.

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